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Stadthalle Neustadt Gastraum

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Am Hofgarten, 92660 Neustadt ad Waldnaab

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The Stadthalle Neustadt an der Waldnaab is in the center of town east of the B15. Away from traffic noise, it is in a quiet and idyllic location with a view of the countryside. The town square, the district office, the town hall and shops are within walking distance from the town hall in a few minutes. There are sufficient parking spaces directly in front of and below the Stadthalle. A parking deck is located in the immediate vicinity. The town hall of the city of Neustadt is the only event location of this type and size in the area. It is ideal for holding conferences such as trade fairs, larger dance events or medium-sized concerts. The hall is popular with larger wedding parties because of its flair and the restaurant.

  • Local without brewery affiliation

  • Guest area restaurant with approx. 100 seats (inside and outside)

  • Large outdoor balcony

  • Fully equipped, professional gastro kitchen along with inventory

  • Exclusive right to host all Stadthalle events

  • Generous leaseholder apartment with approx. 80 sqm

  • Takeover as soon as possible from September 1st, 2022


The restaurant has about 100 seats in the guest room and another 100 guests on the terrace. The kitchen is fully equipped and very functional with 150m² and a separate sink area. Access to the Stadthallensaal is possible directly from the specially provided counter. Hall:

- 670 chairs + covers

- 114 tables 70x140cm

- 20 bistro tables 80cm diameter + covers

- 9 bistro tables 65cm diameter - chair numbers from 1-29 (complete for 20 rows)

- Row number 1-19 2x / 1-23 2x - specially created seating plans o up to max. 661 seats (without tables) possible for the entire hall o up to max. 560 seats (with 112 tables) possible for the entire hall

- Hall can be divided by a movable partition o Hall 1 (with stage): floor area approx. 317 square meters (floor area of stage approx. 92 square meters) o Hall 2 (without stage): floor area approx. 213 square meters o Floor area of the entire hall (hall 1 and 2 + stage) approx. 530sqm A


Bilder Stadthalle Neustadt
Stadthalle Neustadt Gastraum
Blick auf Terrasse
Stadthalle Neustadt Gastraum 2
Festsaal geschmückt
Festsaal 2
Festsaal bestuht für Feier

Floor plans

Grundrisse Stadthalle Neutadt
City Hall & Apartment
basement, cellar
town hall
Makler Gastronomie Immobilien

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