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Our sales area - south of germany

Vertriebsgebiet Absolut Gastronomie Immobilien

With locations in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, we cover the whole of southern Germany.

In individual cases we already have properties in the Hessian area,  sold in Alsace (France), Switzerland and Tyrol (Austria). You are welcome to send your request to the respective office or to the contact details below.  

Bavaria office

Icon Telefon

Ulrich von Hutten Str. 21

84513 Töging am Inn

Mobile:      0172-6295861

Landline:  08631-6064580

Makler Gastronomie Bayern
Büro Bayern

Rhineland-Palatinate office

Icon Telefon

Fischlinger Str. 17

76879 Essingen 

Mobile:      0152-54578860

Landline:  06347-9824256

Makler Gastronomie Rheinland-Pfalz
Büro Rheinland-Pfalz

Do you want to sell your gastronomy property or your hotel?  

Then contact us: 
Makler Gastronomie Immobilien

We are gastronomy brokers in Bayer, gastronomy brokers in Baden-Württemberg, gastronomy brokers in Rhineland-Palatinate and gastronomy brokers in Saarland. You could also say gastro brokers in Bavaria, gastro brokers in Baden-Württemberg, gastro brokers in Rhineland-Palatinate, gastro brokers in Saarland. That would be shorter. But Gastro Makler Süddeutschland hits it as a whole. However, we also focus on cities: Munich is also an important location and we are gastro brokers Munich, or gastro brokers Stuttgart. If you go a little further south in the southern Baden area, we are also represented there as Gastro Brokers Freiburg and Gastro Brokers Karlsruhe. 

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