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On the Alm 9,77743 Neuried

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An event location of the extra class. This fantastic event location has a total area of 10,000m². The ensemble of several buildings and restaurant / event areas covers 2,800m² of usable space.  The buildings are built in the Spanish style and originate from one of the star designers of Europa Park Rust._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ In addition to the 3 different event & restaurant buildings, both office space and a tenant's apartment are integrated.


Neuried is located in southern Baden, between Offenburg and Lahr, just a few meters from the Rhine and the French/Alsace border. The Europa Park Rust is only a few kilometers away. The Molino is in a quiet location, just outside of Neuried, ensuring that no neighbors are disturbed by celebrations. 


  • Lounge area with up to 80 people

  • Garden / outdoor area up to 400 people

  • Inside / restaurant area up to 150 people

  • office space

  • Reception

  • Apartment 

  • Garage  & storage room

The ensemble:

The music hall & ballroom

 “La Musica” is the landmark on the Molino site. The Rondell is an architectural treat that guarantees charming cosiness with a feel-good character. Versatile in use & yet provided with clear structures. Whether for weddings, dance nights, parties, seminars or company presentations - La Musica is a real all-rounder that is equipped with a permanently installed sound & full HD projector (optional). Another visual highlight is the colonial-style bar - a popular stop during your celebrations. The direct connection to the terrace, Schlenderpark 2 and the entrance make this music hall the focal point of the Molino area.”

La Terraza | The dining room (for summer & winter)

 What could be nicer than having a festive dinner and sitting together with friends and guests. Feel like you're on vacation on our terrace. Let the Mediterranean ambience and tasteful table and room decoration work their magic on you. Our spacious facility offers incomparable opportunities for your unforgettable party. And should it get a little chilly, we can also make the heatable La Terraza windproof and weatherproof. Also ideal for your Christmas party. Enjoy freedom the Molino way.

El Zulo | The small dining room

 Our small gastro is ideal for family or birthday celebrations, smaller seminars and workshops for a maximum of 40 people. Flexible seating, a cozy and cozy atmosphere make every event a real event. Our state-of-the-art conference technology with HD projectors, flat screens, screens, PC and Apple connections can also be used for smaller company meetings or presentations.

El Zulo is also often used as a multi-purpose room during larger celebrations, such as for the menu station of the catering buffet, champagne reception, children's cinema and even as a bedroom for the little guests when it gets later. Everything is possible. Use our "hiding place" to surprise your guests and partners with an extraordinary environment.


El Fuego | The grill house (for summer & winter)

 The grill house is our hearth of good taste. Juicy steaks, tender fillets, exciting paella, or fresh fruit and vegetables - we conjure up delicacies straight from the grill onto your plate. Thanks to the canopy, neither too much sun nor one or the other capricious weather cause us headaches. Your grilled food is in good hands here and you can enjoy a unique atmosphere with a real holiday feeling.

El Park 1| The Stroller Park 1

 Your guests will be welcomed in this wonderfully landscaped park landscape. The best way to stroll is with a welcome champagne or finger food. This park area is the popular meeting point at the beginning of every celebration. The landscaped pond, the greenery and the beautiful wine barrels (high tables) create a cosiness right from the start that your guests will love. After the reception ceremony, you can lead your guests directly to the covered terrace or first to Schlenderpark 2 / El Parque 2, which will again provide a wow effect. Welcome to the Molino - welcome to our cozy world.

El Park 2| The Stroller Park 2

 Embedded in the heart of the Molino event location, this enchanting strolling park is the focal point of a successful celebration. Explore our fish pond, relax and unwind on our sun loungers, or stroll through the greenery and enjoy the fresh air with cheerful conversations with your loved ones. "El Parque 2" conveys southern holiday feelings and is also a feast for the eyes in the evening thanks to the wonderful lighting and spots. A magical ambience for your magical celebration. 

Other Information:

  • A staggered lease at the start is being considered. The target lease in the 3rd year is 15,000 € per month (net)+ Estimated additional costs. 

  • Deposit: by arrangement

  • Availability: 04/01/2023

  • No fee for inventory.

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