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Graf-Siegfried-Strasse 28A, 54439 Saarburg

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Ideal for young entrepreneurs or career changers with a love of gastronomy.

On the ground floor of a residential building there is a modern wine bar with a kitchen for

easy-to-prepare meals. Completely furnished and well introduced.

The guest room has 30 seats, a nice counter with draft beer, bar stools and armchairs.

20 guests can be entertained in the outdoor area. The opening to the street cafe provides a Mediterranean atmosphere through the door windows. Storage rooms are available in a basement. A fixed parking space for the operator is reserved at the house.  

Wonderfully located in the old town center directly on the Leuk-Bach, which flows through the old town and flows over a waterfall to the mouth of the Saar. (see

In the restaurant, guests can sit on the creek side in a bay window above the Leuk creek.


Dhe Weinbar Mathijo is one of the most visited restaurants in Saarburg and is also rated very well by the rating portals. (5.0 on Tripadvisor)


Saarburg is located in the district of Trier in Rhineland-Palatinate and, as the name suggests, directly on the Saar and has 63,000 inhabitants. The landscape image is avaried. In particular, the course of the Saar is characterized by steep mountain slopes, deeply incised valleys and long mountains all around. Vineyards characterize the townscape of the Saar wine  known region. The Mathijo itself is very centrally located in the city and with a small square in front of the house, the outdoor gastronomy is also beautifully embedded, directly on a branch of the Saar. An old castle on the hill above the Saar. In the city center "Little Venice", the Leuk-Bach with many small bars along its course through the city is a magnet for visitors. The boat landing stage is always an attraction for visitors and locals and a starting point for a tour to the Saar loop. The Saar-Hunsrück Nature and Hiking Park also offers relaxing hiking trails.


  • 30 seats in the dining room

  • 20 outdoor seats

  • Large and small inventory available

  • Storage rooms in the basement

  • Car parking space for operators

Purchase price: €400,000


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