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Frontansicht Adler und Spatz in Weil am Rhein
Adler und Spatz wurde verkauft


Pressebericht Adler Verkauf Badische Zeitung
Pressebericht Adler Oberbadische Bild


15 parking spaces in the courtyard  + 2 large garages with 5 parking spaces

A great property has a new owner and tenant. We are pleased that we were successfully involved in the marketing / sale of the Hotel Restaurant Adler & Spatz.  It was a matter close to our hearts to work for the celebrity chef Hansjörg Wöhrle and to have achieved a sales success in his sense.  

The location:

The Eagle  is centrally located in the old town center of Weil am Rhein at the foot of the Tüllinger Berg. It is only about 800m to the border crossing into Switzerland / Riehen and only 5 minutes to the A5 (Karlsruhe - Basel).   

The catchment area:

Weil am Rhein is located on the Rhine plain, in the middle of the triangle between Germany, France and Switzerland and only a few kilometers from the respective national borders. The special location between the Rhine and the foothills of the Black Forest favors, among other things, the proximity to the Burgundian Gate, an exceptionally southern climate. Due to the city of Basel and the culinary demanding Swiss guest, due to the catchment area with around 1.3 million inhabitants, there are a lot of visitors from Switzerland.  The restaurant attracts guests from all three regions and, thanks to the multi-award-winning cuisine, far beyond.  

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