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Guide to gastronomy real estate

Gastronomy is a special industry. With the right concept, restaurateurs can ensure that their restaurant has a steady flow of customers and that it is well known beyond the boundaries of their own city. This can now be researched quite well on the Internet. There are a few basic things that often determine the success or failure of a gastronomic venture. Above all, three criteria are extremely important and should be taken into account when deciding on a catering property:

  • The location

  • The alignment

  • The establishment

Three important cornerstones that play a role when it comes to running a restaurant. Location, orientation and furnishings are among the criteria that are able to make a gastronomic business successful. First of all, we would like to address the location of the catering property.

The location

What is important in a property? The location, the location, the location! Everyone knows that. Especially in the field of gastronomy, the location is an enormous factor. The property should not be too remote. A gastronomic property in the city increases the chance of customers "in passing" and at the same time ensures that tourists are more likely to become aware of the restaurant if they decide to stroll through town. At the same time, however, you should also make sure that the property has enough parking spaces. Customers need parking spaces for their cars. Otherwise a lot of potential could be lost here. When people can't find parking, they often keep driving. An ideal location is therefore often a central one with sufficient parking spaces. Of course, it is also possible to use a catering property in a forest or by a lake. This is often the case when the house also offers guest rooms. In this case, a location in the middle of nature is of course a good plus. Before opening a restaurant, you should definitely consider the location of the catering property. This can make up an essential part of the success of the restaurant and is therefore of great importance.

New opening or takeover?

There are many things to consider when setting up a new catering business. Those who use a completely new business space often have advantages on their side. New openings practically start from scratch. Their reputation is unencumbered and they have yet to make a name for themselves. Of course, this involves a lot of effort in terms of advertising, but a new catering property can be able to get off to a good start with the restaurant. However, new openings are a tricky business, especially in more rural areas. In rural areas, people are often critical when it comes to new catering establishments. Proper persuasion has to be done here in order to get a gastronomic operation up and running. Advertising is now the be-all and end-all. Those who fail to establish regular customers will have a very difficult time in these areas. But new business premises are often easier to manage than with a takeover of a former catering business. If you want to set up your restaurant in a previously used catering property, you should note that a bad reputation can also run after the new owner. This can indeed be a broken neck for the new owner. For this reason, you should think carefully about whether you want to plan a completely new opening or a takeover.

Theme restaurant

Nowadays, pure dining rooms with home-style cuisine are no longer modern. Most people currently want to find a fixed topic in a restaurant. For this reason, more and more themed restaurants are springing up. A themed restaurant focuses on a certain culinary line, for example only offers food from a certain region and has designed its premises accordingly. From Asian food to classic Italian dishes, a themed restaurant can indeed be very versatile. The style of the restaurant should therefore be designed appropriately and that is why the gastronomy properties are very important in this regard. A themed restaurant should always be set up in a suitable catering property. In addition to a selected menu, in such a company you should also pay attention to the design of the guest rooms, because people expect a themed restaurant to offer something visually. Many themed restaurants also offer overnight accommodation.

Guest room

In a good catering property, there should also be some guest rooms where possible, because good additional income can be generated with overnight stays. In a theme restaurant, these guest rooms should of course be appropriate to the theme of the business. A gastronomy property  can also be used to attract tourists permanently, so that they stay in the house for some time and eat there every evening. If this is the case, of course, you also need staff to take care of the guest rooms. Order and cleanliness are important factors. You should also prepare a program for the guests. This allows them to pursue these activities and when they return to the house in the evening they are also really hungry. Of course there are more rooms that are very important for a catering property these days.



Event rooms are extremely important in a good catering property, because they not only bring prestige and possible private celebrations with them, but also additional income. Whether a birthday party, wedding or private party, with an event room in a catering property you have the chance to create another mainstay. The room should be big enough to easily accommodate 50-100 people. This is necessary in order to offer larger societies the space they will need for their celebration. Sufficient tables and chairs are also required. If necessary, there should also be space for entertainment technology. This is useful, for example, if a band or other type of artist is performing at the celebration. Even if you want to offer an open event on your own and offer music from live bands, you should have this space in the event room. It is also possible to set up a kind of buffet there. Because many restaurants nowadays offer a breakfast buffet. An event room can be used to build this up. A catering property with a room for events is definitely a great advantage. It can indeed bring additional income and for this reason one should consider setting up a catering business with an event room.


Just as important as an event room, or even more important, is a great terrace for the summer days of the year. If you aim to serve a large number of cyclists, hikers or motorcyclists as customers, a great terrace in summer is the way to go. Because a restaurant with a terrace invites you to take a seat outside and enjoy a few cool drinks even in summer. In summer, a catering business can attract a lot of walk-in customers. On the terrace you should certainly offer the customer a handsome design. Pretty flowers, a fountain or even a pond with fish and a small playground are the least if you want to offer a catering property with an outdoor area. Of course, not every property in the catering sector has a terrace. However, there is sometimes the chance to build a beer garden on the property. This, too, is a good way of offering customers a place to linger in the summer. An outdoor area is definitely a great opportunity if you want to attract many guests with your gastronomy property in summer. Here guests can relax and feel good.

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Buying or leasing?

At the end of the day, one important question still arises. Is it better to buy a catering business or to pay a lease for it. Opinions differ here. If you don't want to take too great a financial risk, you are well advised to consider leasing the catering property first. A purchase is often still possible afterwards. This must be discussed individually with the landlord of the premises. Whoever buys the catering property right away, of course, has more options when it comes to the design of the building, as you don't have to talk to the landlord about every little thing. For example, you can make changes to the facade of the building or put up signs without consulting. There are indeed many advantages and disadvantages for both variants.

Overall impression

Many individual parts come together in a catering business. At the end of the day, the pieces of the puzzle make up the entire piece and it really has to be right. The catering industry is tough and only a fraction manages to run the business successfully in the long term. Many catering establishments go bankrupt after a not too long time. Of course, mistakes are made here and there, but you should start right from the start  Bring experience from the industry or at least have employees who have the appropriate qualifications. Otherwise it will be extremely difficult to run the business well. Of course, a lot has to be right with the catering property. The eye is always a decisive factor for the guests. If you do not feel comfortable, you will certainly not come back as a guest. For this reason it is important to ask the guests how they like it and it doesn't hurt to ask the customers what could be done better. Many factors ultimately come together if you want to run a successful catering business. If you stick to a few basic factors from the industry and offer the guests a lot, then that's half the battle. The goal is to build a successful company in which the employees find good working conditions, the guests feel comfortable and the catering property is able to serve all the factors that are necessary in the catering trade if one wants to be successful .  

Despite all the knowledge about the location and the furnishing of a catering property, our senior speaks of an old fact: "It is the bird that sings, not the cage."

But that assumes that the bird, i.e. cook or innkeeper, has to master his craft and the quality of the services is right.

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