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Sell like a Pro

This is how you market gastro real estate

Hotels and restaurants don't sell on their own. Before the catering broker can go to work and actually organize a viewing, it must be communicated that the catering property is for sale. There are different ways of doing this - but few recipes for success. We tell you before it comes to the marketing of inns, hotels, guest houses & Co.

Absolut Gastronomie Immobilien Gastro Vermarktung
There are many ways to get noticed. Communicate your sales offer in print, online and in the network.

“The sign alone attracts customers”. Restaurateurs know only too well what Jean de La Fontaine wants to express with his saying. Regardless of whether it is about the catering business or the sale of your property - only those who advertise in a skilful and targeted manner will be successful.

Marketing concept for gastro real estate

Experts advise sellers to work with a strategy. Because if you have a specific plan, you will achieve your goal better. - So at the targeted proceeds under the desired conditions. It is therefore important that you develop a marketing concept for the sale of your restaurant, hotel, café or other catering establishment.

Components of successful marketing

First, the question must be clarified whether you want to offer your property to the public. - Or prefer to have potential prospects addressed discreetly via a well-networked catering broker without it becoming public.

Of course, salespeople can combine both ways and arrange them in a chronological order.

Gastronomie Immobilien Makler
Information results into Interest

Many try their luck first in camera and then expand their radius if no suitable buyer has been found after a certain period of time. Gastronomy owners who want to sell their property as quickly as possible like to start with both approaches immediately in order to address the largest possible target group in all ways: in print, online and through direct contact.

Selling gastronomy with a concept

It's all in the mix: When the best ingredients are mixed together in the right dosage, a recipe for success is created. This also applies to the marketing of catering properties. Experienced brokers for hotels, restaurants & Co. recommend a combination of online measures, print advertisements and of course the network effect via existing contacts. This has the particular advantage that there is already a basis of trust.

What works in advertising also works in selling a real estate

Apply for Hotels & Co. online

Sellers can do it themselves, but mostly commission brokers who specialize in the (online) marketing and sale of gasto real estate. - List your property on real estate portals and exchanges, on Google, Facebook & Co. and - if it makes sense - advertise it with a reasonable budget.

Classic marketing of restaurants, bars and cafes

Anyone who offers their property online achieves a large reach. This is a good start. Specialized professional clientele can be reached in the corresponding catering environment: with a print advertisement in the leading media and specialist catering magazines such as AHGZ, the hotel specialist newspaper or DEHOGA.

To chose the right channel is key

By the way, there is often the possibility to place an ad that is controlled online on their websites. Since the degree of networking in the catering industry is very high, you can achieve a surprisingly large amount astonishingly quickly through contacts. It is therefore always advisable to pull out the direct marketing joker through the broker. He has the contacts and can get your message across quickly to attract the right buyer to your real estate delicacy.

Use catering broker know-how

A broker not only relieves you of the time-consuming and demanding work involved in marketing, but also has a knowledge advantage. He knows exactly which channels, platforms and formats to select for a particular object and how they are to be controlled. He also knows what an efficient measure may and may not cost. With his know-how, he ensures that a bar or hotel is optimally positioned for sale and that all advertising and marketing measures are used cost-effectively.

Tip: Let a competent realtor advise you on the marketing of your gastro property or hire him to do it!

Advantages: Marketing with a catering broker

Successful marketing in print, online and directly is part of the standard repertoire of a catering broker. Anyone who has to learn and implement or manage and control everything themselves usually wastes a lot of time if they want to carry out the marketing measures appropriately and professionally on their own. Marketing with a catering broker, on the other hand, offers many decisive advantages:

  • Efficient selection of the channels with the highest probability of success

  • Precise alignment to the desired target group

  • Optimal positioning of the property in the market

  • Correct weighting of the measures in terms of channel and budget share

  • Professional control and evaluation including reporting

  • No wastage

  • Time saving


It's all about the mix! If you work with a professional concept and the right measures in marketing, you will sell your gastro property better!


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