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Instagramability first!

Interior design & concept Increases the value of a gastro property.

The best gastronomy concepts are selected every year. Anyone who receives the prestigious FIZZZ Award or another prestigious award can consider themselves lucky. Because that increases the value of the business immensely, which is extremely profitable when selling, leasing or renting the catering property.

Cafe mit modernem Interior Design für Gastronomie.
modern design attracts customers

Experienced restaurateurs, catering brokers and experts know: A coherent catering concept is crucial for the success of a restaurant. The same applies to hotels, cafes, bars and all other catering establishments. Because the eye is with! A restaurant with an authentic gastronomy concept - consistently persevered - will always be successful. - During ongoing operations, but especially when it comes to valuation prior to sale, leasing or rental. Much higher prices can be achieved for a gastro property with a strong concept, as the guests can enter a harmonious, coherent world of experience there. Often the concept is adopted by the new buyer, leaseholder or tenant. - Because it worked.

Gäste im Restaurant mit modernem Interior Design Konzept.
Guests feel right at home in a harmonious environment.

Eye-catching is important

What is a coherent concept? Motto, authenticity and stringency! When an over-topic is found, everything else follows it. It starts with catering interior design, continues with service and the menu, and ends with employees' clothing and accessories.

Those who ensure that everything is done correctly can not only achieve higher prices for sale, leasing or renting, but also get awards and distinctions during the ongoing catering business that increase the reputation.

Gastronomie Immobilie mit kreativem Konzept.
Kreative Konzepte sehen unterschiedliche Themen-Zonen vor.

Excellent trend concepts

The Munich pop-up location “The Lovelace”, the Berlin “Bar am Steinplatz” and the “Frisches Bier”, also from Munich, did everything right. The specialist magazine FIZZZ honored these restaurants with the coveted FIZZZ Award for their particularly creative and innovative concepts.

In addition to the FIZZZ Award, there are a number of other awards that honor top gastro concepts, e.g. the LEADERS CLUB AWARD, the Gastro Trend Awards or the German Gastro Founder Award.

Inneneinrichtung Dekoration für Gastronomie
Die Dekoration macht das Konzept erst aus.

Keep the concept and increase value

Gastronomy brokers who sell an excellent property know that an award is worth gold. Therefore, every restaurateur or owner of a catering property is advised to give his hotel, restaurant, inn or café a modern concept and to put it to the test.

Tip: Put your gastronomy concept to the test on a regular basis. Get direct feedback from your guests, neighbors and everyone else around you. Question authenticity, timeliness and furnishings, decoration, stringency, innovation and service. Take part - especially if you are growing and want to make a name for yourself in the scene - regularly in award ceremonies! Because that increases the value of your gastronomy property today and in the future!

Instagramability first!

In addition to the decision on what to offer thematically, in terms of cuisine and in terms of design, one aspect has come to the fore: Instagrammability!

Hotels, restaurants, cafés & Co. have to be optically attractive and “photogenic” due to the widespread use of Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok and other social media.

Food Foto auf Tablet für instagram post.
Je attraktiver die Inneneinrichtung, desto größer die Instagramability!

Top gastronomy interior design

How do you do that? If the concept is correct, attractiveness is often just a question of the interior design. When colors, fabrics, furniture styles, light and decorative elements are coordinated with one another and match the culinary or thematic offer, everything looks like it has been cast from a single source.

Tip: If you don't have a knack for gastronomy design, contact a professional. This investment often pays for itself after a short time! Inquire about a professional interior designer for gastronomy concepts and let us advise you. It increases the value of your business; every experienced realtor for gastronomy objects will confirm this to you

In Hamburg, for example, you can contact Juni Studio, in Munich ALPHA RKD or Hermitage, who designed the "Franziska" in Frankfurt, among others.


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