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Advantage: broker!


You want to rent a restaurant? Are you on a course of expansion and intend to lease several bars at the same time? Then you can look around in general portals. Different gastronomy objects are offered there. But these are often only half as interesting as those that are in the portfolio of well-networked brokers for gastronomy real estate. Because many houses are not even put on the market. You are often in top locations, have advantageous extras or attractive uses. In order to know all the possibilities, you should work with a realtor when looking for a restaurant to rent or lease.

Gastro-Immobilie zur Miete oder Pacht - Makler Besichtigung
With realtors you can get to hidden real estate treasures.

Finding the right gastro property is not rocket science. But not child's play either. Anyone who knows the gastro real estate market knows: You can only get to particularly attractive hotels, restaurants, cafés and catering establishments with "Connections". If you want to rent or lease a standard restaurant, you may find a suitable property on conventional platforms. However, he must be aware that the support is less exclusive and that there is more competition. In addition, it takes more time from the first search to the actual signing of the contract. - And commission is usually due anyway.

Connection are the secret?

With a catering broker who specializes in leasing and renting catering real estate, prospective tenants are better advised. It not only relieves them of work in a subject they are not well versed in, but also provides decisive added value during the search.

He has contacts: A real estate agent for gastronomy real estate has a large gastronomy network. He knows the restaurateurs and is the first to find out when someone offers his property.

He has the data: a professional realtor has a well-maintained database. This gives him a daily overview of current offers for rent or lease or for the sale of catering properties. - Often long before these objects come on the official market. This gives him the decisive advantage over portals. We will go into the other advantages that a broker offers you in the process later.

Restaurateurs and brokers are closely networked.

Top properties often do not even come onto the real estate market

Did you know that a large number of catering establishments that are for rent or lease are not advertised at all? They are conveyed in other ways. Word of mouth is often sufficient for particularly attractive catering properties. Often, catering brokers are called in for the mediation because they make the processes equally smooth for interested parties and landlords or lessors.

Interim use or change of use of gastronomy real estate

A real estate agent for gastronomy real estate finds it easier to find suitable tenants or lessees for restaurants or hotels who are interested in temporary use or a change in use of the property. He knows the wishes and medium- and long-term goals of his customers. If a pop-up store is to be found for rent, he knows where to look. If a catering property can be converted into a senior citizen's pen via a change in use, he will accurately find suitable prospects for whom this dual option is interesting.

Restaurateurs on an expansion course need fast, good solutions.

For franchisers, system restaurateurs, consultants and caterers

Gastronomy brokers support all restaurateurs in their search for a restaurant, hotel, café, etc. to rent or lease: Gastronomy companies that want to expand and are looking for more restaurants, franchisers and system caterers who want to rent suitable properties in good locations, as well as caterers who need a location for their sales and the production of their gastronomic offer. But they also help gastronomy consultants to find the right rental or lease property for their customers.

Smoothly: search profile - viewing - contract - handing over the keys

How does a realtor work when looking for a catering business to rent or lease? After the parameters of the interested party are known, he starts a concentrated search for a suitable hotel, restaurant, club or other catering facility. Interesting objects are presented to potential tenants or tenants. - But only if they match the search profile in terms of price, location, equipment, concept, usage options and contract-relevant parameters. After the viewing, the broker will of course also support you in providing and optimizing all relevant documents and evidence. On request, he can also be present when the keys are handed over. This way, restaurateurs can get a new lease even faster than they can say Bon Appétit!

Tip: You will recognize a good broker for gastronomy immediately! He is well networked, has his own database and can mediate content-related questions about the design of contractual questions!


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