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What is THE VALUE OF YOUR gastro property?

Do the rating analysis! You want to sell a restaurant, but you don't know how much your gastronomy property is worth? Several factors - hard and soft - are decisive. We will give you serious approaches to assessing your property.

Gastronomie-Immobilie mit innovativem Konzept.
The concept influences pricing

There are many reasons for selling a company: Age-related abandonment, inheritance, illness, reorientation, environmental influences - or, most recently, the effects of the corona pandemic are just a few examples. When the time comes, the seller has to know what his restaurant, hotel or other gastro object is worth. Anyone who has too high asking prices from the outset loses. If you set the sales price for your catering property too low, you will also lose.

Correctly evaluate gastro real estate

But how do you determine the right sales price? Hard criteria that are transparent, comprehensible and plausible are used for the assessment. In addition, of course, soft factors such as history also play a role.

Tip: Orient yourself to the methods that gastronomy experts, brokers for gastronomy and banks for real estate finance use to determine the value of a restaurant property. Behind this are professional schemes that have been tried and tested in the industry when a restaurant, bar or pub is sold.

Makler für Gastronomie-Immobilien sehen beide Seiten.
Care pays off.

The biggest mistake: your own point of view

There are different ways to approach a property sale. Under no circumstances should you only look at your own point of view when making the assessment. It is not decisive what value you have in mind for the sale of the restaurant, hotel, café, etc.; but what the catering property is actually worth. - And is worth it to potential buyers. You start right from this point of view.

So in all aspects of the analysis for the valuation of your hospitality property, it is essential that you also take into account the perspective of the buyer.

Make yourself aware at an early stage that your property does not only have advantages. For the different assessment dimensions, also consider the negative aspects and optimization potential, including any additional investment costs. In this way, you do not run the risk of ignoring essential parts of the assessment and potential analysis of your gastronomy property and you are better prepared later in the negotiation with the buyer of the gastronomy property.

Tip: Consult a real estate agent for gastronomy at an early stage. As an expert, he knows what is important. He tells you which offices and authorities can provide information on certain benchmarks, whether a specialized real estate expert should be consulted and how the result of the analysis can be interpreted profitably.

Makler für Gastronomie sind Experten für Immobilien-Bewertung
Catering brokers help with the valuation of the catering property.

Analysis of the catering property

As for companies, there are standard methods for valuing real estate, e.g. income value or multiplier method. In addition, the substance value and other guide values ​​from authorities can be used. However, these methods have disadvantages: They are general methods that are not tailored to the respective object. Since every gastro property is different, it is advisable to develop your own system, i.e. to use a mixture that takes all relevant aspects into account.

Key data and use of the catering property

In addition to the location, key data such as the size of the property, the plot of land of the gastro property, age, building fabric, condition, need for renovation, equipment such as machines and devices, extras and the legal possibilities of use are to be mentioned above all. They are essential for the property's return prospects.

It is also revealing how the previous business was run. How successful was the management or business model of the hotel, restaurant or café?

What orientation, what concept does the catering property have? What alternative uses are there, if any? Could the hotel also be used as a senior citizens' residence, for example? If this is the case, it increases the value of the catering property for sale significantly!

Immobilien richtig bewerten.
one formular - one result

Plausible calculation methods

There is no silver bullet for calculating a property. Stick to the benchmarks, which are irrefutable, and develop your own method that is as plausible as possible. Let yourself be supported by an experienced expert for gastronomy real estate. List all seriously available values ​​on the characteristics of your property, the environment, operational results and forecasts; confront these with reasonable values. Apply this to the soft factors as well.

Communication is everything

Now that you are clear about the numbers and theirs, you should communicate as clearly as possible why you are imagining the sales price that has been determined.

Let an experienced real estate agent help you negotiate. He knows what is important when it comes to final pricing. We'll gladly assist you!

How did you measure the value of your property for sale? Tell us - we will be happy to help you optimize your method! Write to us at:


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