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Schleisshemer Strasse 100, Munich

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Dining area : 31 m²

Secondary area : 25 m²

Total area        _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-8d85mcf5.85mcf²

Number of seats in the guest room: 30 seats


Small pizzeria in a prime location in Schwabing. The property is located directly on Schleißheimer Strasse, which is open to the public. The gastronomy business can be operated very efficiently, without large personnel costs. A pick-up and delivery service is an option and is in high demand.


The restaurant has a small guest terrace on Schleißheimer Strasse, a kitchen and counter, as well as toilets, storage rooms and a cold room in the basement.


As a Bavarian metropolis, Munich is a rapidly growing city. As always, the Schwabing district is in high demand, both for living and for going out and eating. The pizzeria is located in the southern part of Schleißheimer Straße.


The restaurant has a 1 room apartment with 30m² on the ground floor in the building. A forward-looking business calculation for the catering trade can be made available.


Bilder Bocca
Blick Schleißheimer Str.
Sitzplätze Fensterfront
Gastraum II
Lagerraum im Keller
Sitzplätze Aussen
Blick zur Schleißheimer Str.


Grundriss Boca

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