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Marienplatz 3, 85354 Freising

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The Laubenbräu is located directly on Marienplatz in Freising in a 1A location and was historically one of the first restaurants in the community. The building was formerly a brewery. Adjacent to the town hall and registry office, Marienplatz is generally very busy.  The restaurant is fully equipped and was completely redesigned a year ago.  The kitchen, worth €250,000, was also redesigned.  



  • In the guest room there is space for 96 guests + the seats at the bar

  • Up to 180 seats outdoors

  • Kitchen worth €250,000

  • Almost new, very modern and high-quality interior 

  • Personnel can be taken over

    • 2 apprentices​

    • 3 cooks

    • 2 dishwashers

    • 4 temporary workers (in the kitchen)

    • 2 service staff

    • 2 working students

    • 2 part-time service staff

    • up to 8 temporary workers in service

The location:

Freising is on the ISar about 30 kilometers north of the state capital Munich. Freising is considered to be the youngest city in Bavaria in terms of the age of its inhabitants.  The city was a ducal seat in the first Bavarian tribal duchy and obtained as an early medieval episcopal seat and later as the center of the Hochstift Freising great importance. With the rise of Munich and the secularization the city lost importance. Today Freising is the administrative headquarters of the same name district of FreisinG. Around the former monastery Weihenstephan are the Science Center Weihenstephan the Technical University of Munich as well as the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences and more forstraining and educational institutions. In January 2023, 50,032 residents with their main residence were counted in Freising. 


 In 2024, up to 3 million visitors will visit theJubilee of the patron saint Corbinianexpected in Freising. 

  • The current monthly lease is €10,115

  • Transfer for the operation and inventory or takeover of the operator GmbH 

  • Sales: €120,000 - €150,000 per month 

Laubenbräu Marienplatz
Laubenbräu Frontansicht
Blick von der Terrasse
Gastraum mit Deko
Gastraum mit Oberlicht
Gastraum 6
Gastraum 4
Gastraum 3
Gastraum 2


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